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Stress Meditations

June 2, 2011
Stress is a killer. We all know it.  Pressure comes from various factors, one of the most stressful being our thoughts. Sensations that are completely divorced from reality overwhelm us.  The breath becomes shallow and panic can engulf us at such times.We could be at a party, on the beach, somewhere wonderful and still feel unhappy.  Our minds race and our body reacts as though it were under a real threat instead of an imagined one. Being in a continual state of anxiety causes us to put on weight, lower our disease tolerance and closes us down to the opportunities that life presents to us. We do not know how to disengage from this state and put our trust in God.

A regular meditation practise helps us to control our mind. Conscious breath, long and deep,  encourages a relaxed state. We can eliminate foods that hype us up such as caffeine, commercial soft drinks, overly processed ingredients and so forth. Meditation allows us to empty the garbage that sits in our brain.

Kundalini yoga has so many meditations to choose from. Celestial Communication is meditation with movement. St. Joseph’s Adult Education Programme, of which I am Co Director, was blessed to host Hari last year in March.  She was close to Yogi Bhajan and Celestial Communication is one of her areas of specialisation. I made a DVD of Hari doing Celestial Communication. Yogi Bhajan said that when you were so stressed that you could not even sit down to meditate, Celestial Communication powerfully calms the nervous system. Our Programme has a large Kundalini yoga project in the state mental hospitals and deals with clients who suffer tremendous stress.

Repetitive thought patterns that are hard to break constitute an addiction. Meditation is an intervention that can assist us in disengaging from addictions that no longer serve us.

A simple but effective meditation is Left Nostril breathing. The left nostril is associated with calm.

How to do left nostril breathing: Close off the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand, the fingers point upward. Inhale and exhale long and deep through the left nostril.

Any meditation assists in stress alleviation. It is often useful though to intuitively ascertain the main cause of our stress and let our innate sensibility guide us towards the perfect meditation. There are also numerous meditations that specifically focus on breaking addictions and decreasing stress levels.

A meditation that I find very powerful is:

Aap sahaee hoa

Aap sahaee hoaa
Sachay daa sachay dohoaa, Har Har Har

The Lord Himself has become my protector.
The Truest of the True has taken care of me. God. God. God

Comments: The mantra takes away negativity from the surrounding environments and from within. It is a gift that lets you penetrate into the unknown without fear. It gives protection and mental balance.

Mudra: Fourth and little fingers of both hands are held  down with the thumbs, first two fingers point up. Hold elbows close to the sides of the body, forearms are at a 45 degree angle. If viewed from the front the arms make a W shape. Pump navel point on the Har Har Har section.

* You can also just sing along to the music with the hands relaxed on the lap in gyan mudra. Eyes are one tenth open looking towards the nose.

Meditate for 3, 22, 31, 62 minutes or 2 and a half hours. Meditation is your prayer. It is your connection to the Divine. It is time spent between you and you. Done on a regular basis it helps to put you into a calmer state and deal with your reality.

* Music:  I love the version on Adhara by Nirinjan Kaur. You can listen to this on the Spirit Voyage website at

You can get a DVD copy of the Celestial Communication featuring Hari Kaur Khalsa on the shopping trolley of St. Joseph’s Adult Education Programme Then you can just do the Celestials alongside her.

Make sure that when you do a Kundalini yoga meditation you first tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo three times as a protection and to centre yourself.

Sat Nam. And remember that even if you just do one minute a day, the important thing is to start! Keep up and you will be kept up.

“Mantras are not small things, mantras have power. They are the mind vibration in relationship to the Cosmos. The science of mantra is based on the knowledge that sound is a form of energy having structure, power, and a definite predictable effect on the chakras and the human psyche.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

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