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Taking Kundalini Yoga to Mitchell’s Plain

June 2, 2011
I did my teacher training in 2003, without knowing my class would grow to the extent that has.  At the beginning I taught from the wendy house at the back of my Mitchell’s Plain home. I have witnessed amazing results. One of my students had severe back pain. She was unable to sit for long periods of time. But after doing Kundalini she could sit in easy pose for the whole class.  Some of my students suffered from respiratory problems, but regular practise has helped them to breathe more easily without coughing.

Parampurkh proudly displaying the mala she made in honour of her first interview for the film Just be You

I was very excited to share the technology of Kundalini with people who live in my area and in the broader community who do not have access to  yoga due to their financial situation, transport considerations and so forth. Being a teacher is very challenging. You have to practise all the sets and meditations yourself before you teach them. Teaching requires a lot of dedication and commitment.

I never imagined that one day I would become a Kundalini yoga teacher and serve my community in this way. My family also benefits tremendously from the positive energy generated by my daily practise.

I held my very first yoga retreat in Zonnekus over the weekend of the 13th May. I was very nervous.  We all contributed towards the accommodation and food. Before we went on the retreat, I told them that no meat was allowed and they all agreed. Since doing yoga I have become a complete vegetarian.

For most of the women on the retreat it was the first time they had been away from their home and family and  taken such a large chunk of quality time for themselves. It was a memorable and life altering experience. On the retreat one of the students opened up about her experience with abuse for the first time.

Jai Jagdeesh is making a follow up film to “Beautiful as Butterflies” called “Just be You” focusing on my journey. As part of the film I will be going to the yoga festival in France. I have been invited to give three workshops there. I will speak about my work in the community with women, healing and abuse.  I am very excited.

I regard Kundalini yoga as a healing tool. You can heal if you believe in yourself, respect yourself and love yourself without judgement.

Here are some comments on the yoga from my students. Michelle Wood says that, anger resentment and pain are apparently natural human emotions. “There was nothing natural about it.  All  I wanted was a quick fix. I started Kundalini not knowing what to expect. The emotions were still there but Kundalini gave me so many techniques to deal with negative emotions such as breathing, relaxation and meditation.”

Fagmiah Alexander says that Kundalini yoga taught her to focus on herself. “If I am calm, I can send my calmness to others.”

Janap’s left arm has been painful for years. Most nights she would like awake crying from agony. She went to the hospital and the medication they gave her didn’t help. Since starting Kundalini she can bend her leg which she could do not do before.

One month into starting Kundalini, Jean September says, “I have become a better person physically, mentally and spiritually with every breath I take and every move I make.  Viva yoga!”

Lydia Boonzaaier says that since she embarked upon her Kundalini yoga journed in August 2008 she is a changed person. She has become intuitive, calm and kind. “I make informed decisions about my life. I set clear boundaries. Yoga has taught me that to be. I have the power to let go, move on in peace and  forgive.”


Parampurkh’s classes fall under the umbrella of St. Joseph’s Adult Education Programme.  For further information contact Keith on  021 685 1257 email

Parampurkh  worked in the laundry at the military base for over 20 years. She was a literacy learner at St. Joseph’s Adult Eduation Programme and took part in the film Beautiful as Butterflies. The film premiered at the Labia in Cape Town and has shown widely locally and overseas. Since then she received sponsorship through St. Joseph’s Adult Education Programme to become a yoga teacher. She was given a job promotion and an office.  She has been featured in Oprah magazine as well as other publications and has appeared on television, on the Power Within. She has spoken at the film screenings and other venues about her teaching Kundalini yoga and of her own experiences of healing trauma.

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  1. natalie bezuidenhout permalink
    December 27, 2012 1:27 pm

    I live in mitchells plain and would love to start yoga classes. Can you please provide me with details Thank you

  2. Faeema permalink
    June 15, 2013 5:57 am

    I’m in Mplain..and I would like to join Yoga classes …can I have details please

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