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Yoga Journey in India and Sri Lanka

June 2, 2011
Tine, recently travelled to India, here is a short description of her personal journeyI was fortunate enough to spend the beginning of this year in Sri Lanka and India. My trip to South India was to further my yoga teacher studies at the same ashram where I did my basic training. The course was tough but wonderful with benefits beyond imagination.
One of the most amazing aspects I experienced during the course was the clarity of my mind (which is normally rather fuzzy!).  I have no doubt this came from the one-hour daily advanced pranayama (breathing) practices.  The “Self Knowledge” lectures with Swami Suddhananda were inspiring to say the least. We covered the workings of the mind as detailed in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (first chapter). These were the first scriptures to present the tradition of yoga in a systematic way. It is interesting to note that Patanjali in the Sutras dedicated three chapters to the mind and only one to the physical body.

But the most profound experience for me was the opening of my heart. I felt an almost painful physical opening with the most indescribable love and oneness with all of creation – a divine experience indeed! On my return home away from the nurturing environment of the ashram with its dedicated program and diet, life has slowly, painfully (and roughly) returned to “normal”, but I feel that for a moment I stood in front of the door, and that the door is the heart!
I think Swami Sivananda describes this beautifully in the following quote:

“YOGA IN A NUTSHELL – The salt of life is selfless service. The bread of life is universal love. The water of life is purity. The sweetness of life is devotion. The fragrance of life is generosity. The pivot of life is meditation. The goal of life is Self Realization. Therefore Serve, Love, be Pure, Devoted and Generous, Meditate and Realize!”

Many thanks Tine, for sharing your story with us, Tine, teaches the following classes at Lotus Studio in Knysna: Wednesdays 10:30 Hatha Basic | Thursdays 08:00 Hatha Yoga | Fridays 10:30 Stretch & Breathe | NEW 4 week Beginners Course starts 24 May – Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00. For more information contact Tine

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