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A Mother’s Mudra.

July 3, 2011

GANESHA MUDRA – Overcoming all Obstacles.

On Thursday night we rushed our 3 year old to the emergency room, a deep gash across her temple from falling against my “designer” drawer handles.  Two hours and twelve stitches later we returned home and I began an all-night vigil, watching her as she slept, looking for any signs of convulsions or pain along with dealing with the “Bad Mother Badge” that attached itself to my chest, and the all too familiar haze of sleep deprivation.

I dedicate this mudra to Mothers of all kinds regardless of gender or species, in the spirit of Ganesha, overcoming any obstacle with the courage, confidence and openness of unconditional love, the essence of our being.


Bring the left hand in front of the chest with the left palm facing outwards and elbow pointing upwards, the right palm facing inwards and elbow pointing downwards.  Curl the fingers hooking the hands together.

With the hands clasped, slightly away from the body in line with Anahata Chakra at the centre of the chest and keeping shoulders down, exhale pulling on the hands as if pulling them apart.  Inhale releasing the pull keeping the fingers clasped.  Repeat 6 times then gently bring the clasped hands to touch the sternum.  For 6 slow deep breaths visualise the colour blue, green or pale pink as a glowing light at Anahata.  On the inhalation the colour becomes lighter and brighter, on the exhalation it returns to its original hue.

With awareness, change the hand positions so that the right palm faces outward and elbow point upwards and repeat the entire sequence.

Sit silently for a few moments focussing the attention on the sound of the breath and feelings at Anahata, the seat of unconditional love for all beings, mentally repeating three times “courage, openness, confidence, forgiveness”.

Variation:  This sequence can be performed with the arms horizontal rather than diagonal.

Practise this mudra once a day whenever it is needed.



Mudras – Yoga in your hands by Gertrude Hirschi.  Published by Weiser books.  ISBN 1-57863-139-4.

The Healing Power of Mudras by Rajendar Menen.  Published by Pustak Mahal.  ISBN 978-81-223-0873-0

Yoga for the Hands by Sabrina Mesko. Published by Andrews McMeel.  isbn 0-7407-4131-4

Jennifer Stephens is a Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner registered with AHPCSA.  Her Karma Yoga includes an outreach project for children and the elderly in Nyanga, Bravekids, (part of the Brave Foundation), working with children and seniors in recovery from physical trauma.

She teaches individual remedial yoga therapy in addition to group classes for adults and children and is a trustee of the Brave Foundation. or

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