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A students journey to find out more about a sattvic diet

July 3, 2011

My main objective was to find out what Sattvic was all about, (I’m not doing teacher’s training), and what I would experience physically, mentally and emotionally. Initially two months seemed rather daunting, but I thought: “What’s two months out of my life?”
Beneficial? Are you kidding me! I feel better than James Brown!

The first 2 or 3 weeks were the most challenging, (making changes, getting used to what’s allowed and what’s not allowed, etc.). All I could think of was having muesli, (made my own), for breakfast, lunch and supper, (or possibly salad as another alternative to either lunch or supper). I Googled Sattvic recipes, but most had onion, garlic, tomatoes and all the “verboten” stuff! I still don’t get it! I also felt really weepy. Some students say they experience headaches in the first 2-3 weeks. Fortunately I don’t get headaches, but made up for that in the weepy department. I realised that it was all part of the initial detox.

The weekly grocery shopping stints took forever, having to read every label! But sticking to mostly fruit and veg brought the cost of the grocery bills down quite a bit – bonus! Once I “got into it”, it was a little easier. I didn’t miss most of what I couldn’t have, except hot chocolate and cheese! The most difficult part for me was the fact that food was so tasteless. After two months I still find food really, really tasteless. I’ve never been big on salt and pepper, but I missed not being able to season my food just a tad. So because food was so tasteless, I actually lost my appetite! This Kerry told me was just ego (“if I can’t have what I want I just won’t have anything”). In retrospect, I think I agree, but didn’t at the time!

Sattvic taught me quite a bit about non-attachment and surrendering and that was pretty cool. I lost 5-6kg which was a bonus, although not my main objective. I feel SO good, so clean inside and out and I sleep SO well. Most of all, and DEFINITELY the biggest bonus and absolute highlight, what Sattvic did for my yoga practice has just blown me away! Self practice has become SO much easier, mentally – no excuses and actually looking forward to my practice! There is so much more space everywhere inside my body and I have more energy and, unbelievably for me, strength. Most asanas are WAY easier and those I used to really struggle with are a piece of cake now. I feel more at peace and more “in the zone” during yoga practice, (much less mental struggle/chatter). However, my cardio-vascular workouts have taken on a whole new meaning, as I don’t have much of “that kind of energy” anymore. It has changed to a more “calm” kind of energy, not frenetic kind of energy.

Now that it’s all over, (today was my last day), I honestly feel like I don’t want to stop doing Sattvic because of how fabulous I feel. What I have decided to do is to just ease my way out of it, very slowly and gently, and possibly only allow SOME Rajasic, but definitely NO Tamasic. I’m going to reward myself with a mug of hot chocolate – I SO deserve that! .


Article by Norma. A student at Haum of Yoga |

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  1. Michael Phillips permalink
    August 16, 2012 11:49 am

    Coriander, fennel, cumin, ginger, tumeric, Ghee …. are all satvic and add flavor to the satvic
    for more try reading ‘Yoga of herbs’ David Frawly
    Kind regards

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