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Hot News – July 2011

July 3, 2011

The Mae Zing Yoga Sling.

The Mae Zing Yoga Sling is unique in that it not only offers you the ability to stretch and strengthen, but is also a therapeutic piece of equipment that can be used to practice Inversion Therapy.

Hanging upside down is ideal for the gentle passive stretching and traction of the spine. Inversion Therapy can alleviate muscular tension and pain as well as promoting increased joint mobility and flexibility, increased relaxation and circulation of the blood, lymph and energy. All of these in turn relieves stress and promote good health and well being. It is a complete exercise tool. Not only that, it’s loads of fun.

The Standard Yoga Sling comes with the main wrap plus six adjustable handles whilst the deluxe version includes a spring motion cross-bar, enabling you to achieve any conceivable posture, angle, movement, stretch or exercise imaginable.

Anything is possible from vertical to horizontal to inversion and anything in between. Take it wherever you go and hang it from a tree or any exposed beams, plus we have the Mae Zing Sling Stand that can be set up outdoors or inside.

The Yoga Sling also converts to a full size 2.8 meter hammock for outdoor relaxing or camping trips.
This is a great product and the YAA shop will have some in store by the end of this month! Orders can be placed in the mean time.

MaeZing Yoga Sling prices:

Basic – R950
Consists of:
Main Sling,
6 Handle Grips,
2 x Adjustable Ropes,
Carry Bag

Standard – R1 250
Consists of:
Main Sling
6 Handle Grips,
2 x Adjustable Ropes,
Carry Bag
Trapeze Bar with Chains

Deluxe – R1 550
Consists of:
Main Sling
6 Handle Grips,
2 x Adjustable Ropes,
Carry Bag
Spring / Bungee Trapeze Bar & Cushion

Stand (excluding sling)- R2400
Stand – Epoxy coated in White or Black

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