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Yoga Nidra – Lightness of Being

July 3, 2011

In your quiet and sacred space, make yourself comfortable for Yoga Nidra.
Once in Savasana, take a few moments to assess how the body feels, observing any sensations, tension or discomfort that may be present within the body. Should you feel the need to make any adjustments, do so once more to be as comfortable as possible, releasing any discomfort and thereafter laying as still as possible.

Move your attention to the breath, withdrawing inwards to witness, to feel and to be wholeheartedly with this Prana that is the very essence of our being. Mindfully be aware of the body, feeling how light the limbs begin to feel. Both feet, both legs, both arms, both hands feel light. The feet, the legs, the arms and the hands are completely light and relaxed. The lower back, the middle back, the upper back feel light and relaxed. Relax the back of the head, soften the skin on the forehead, relax the eyelids and relax the tongue back into the mouth. Feel how light the whole head and the whole face becomes as you soften and release. The chest, the abdomen, the pelvic area feels light. The chest, the abdomen and the pelvic area are totally light and relaxed. The whole body, the whole head feels light, as light as a feather that glides through the air in peaceful bliss.

Become mindfully aware of every inhalation and each exhalation. Acknowledging that the in-breath is energizing, re-vitalizing and healing. Being consciously observant of the out-breath which is releasing and relaxing. Awaken to the beauty of the breath that deserves our attention and our respect. That Shakti which allows us to be alive and present. Listening and feeling the breath brings the mind to that place of peace. Connect to that special point of stillness with the guidance of your breath.

After a few minutes of being with the breath and the quietness of the mind, allow the body to gently and slowly emerge out of the relaxation by moving the head slightly from side to side, moving the toes and fingers. Without straining the breath, intentionally take a deeper breath in to re-awaken the senses and the mind and naturally release the breath on the exhalation.

Ease over to the right hand side and gently push up to a comfortable sitting posture. Allow a few moments of sitting quietly before ending the session completely.

Yoga Nidra is now complete.

Remember to carry the feeling of lightness in body and mind as you go about your day acknowledging the power and beauty that is the breath.

“Om purnamadah purnamidham purnat purnamudacyate

Purnasya purnamadaya purnameva vasisyate Om.”

Om Shanti


Juanita CaprariJuanita Caprari is a certified Yoga teacher and Public Relations Practitioner. She started her Yoga practice in 2002. She has completed two Yoga Teacher Training Courses, the last one through Ananda Kutir Ashram and has been teaching Yoga since January 2007. or visit the website

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