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The 5 misperceptions about home-cooked and natural pet food

July 3, 2011

The pet food industry is dominated by some powerful role-players. Through their clever marketing they have managed to cloud our logic and common sense. By doing so they have instilled a sense of fear and doubt amongst the consumer and that home-cooked, home-made or natural food is nutritional inferior, dangerous and harmful.

Herewith some misperceptions:

  • Home-Cooked does not clean teeth – FALSE

Probably this is the biggest farce but yet the strongest tool that the industry uses to scare off consumers from using home-cooked meals. The powers that be claim that our pets can only clean teeth by chewing on processed pellets.

This argument holds no logic. When we go to the dentist he certainly does not recommend that we clean our teeth by chewing on a rusk or cracker.

Moreover, dogs are gulpers. They are accustomed to swallowing large chunks at a time. They are not used to chewing pellets that form a paste between tooth and lip. Dogs do not have the ability to lick this paste clean. Thus, the food eventually ferments, builds up bacteria and leads to tooth decay.

No, this is certainly not true. Dogs clean their teeth by chewing raw bones and chewies or at very least by swallowing their food whole and not having to chew.

  • Garlic is dangerous. – FALSE

For years enlightened people preparing food from home have included various herbs in their pets food which included garlic. Esteemed authors like Margaret Roberts promoted the use of garlic for medicinal purpose and to rid fleas and ticks.

The evidence shows that you would have to feed 5% of your pet’s body weight for a prolonged period of time to be deemed dangerous. In other words, you would have to feed your average size dog half a tub of garlic every day for a long period of time.

Which fool would do so?

  • Wet food = sloppy stools – FALSE

Just the other night I went to the movies and ate a whole box of popcorn. The next day I spent much time on the toilet. But when I consume a wet Chinese soup, I produce the perfect stool.

The consistency of your stool is not related to the dryness or wetness of the food you are eating but rather how nutritionally sound and wholesome that food is.

Natural, wholesome food produces correct stools that biodegrades quickly and perfectly. Herewith a lovely testimonial from such a client:
“Now this is what I think will bring a smile – the other day my husband and I were looking out the window and couldn’t believe our eyes, the birds were pecking at the dogs stools – we were delighted – a wonderful food chain had developed, and we were also feeding the birds! Now isn’t that just wonderful”

  • Home-cooked food is not balanced – FALSE

All and every commercial pet food has to be balanced by law but balance is not the only criteria for a nutritional and healthy meal.

As humans we aspire to have a correct balance of minerals and vitamins but we do not judge our health on every meal that we consume. Rather we measure it against a period of time, say one month. We certainly do not a have a balanced meal each and every time we eat a meal.

Yes, you can balance your food with synthetic minerals and vitamins but nothing beats whole, real and natural nutrition, preferably organic.

  • Veterinarians do not promote natural diets – FALSE

World-wide there are vets promoting natural diets for pets. The trend towards a more natural life style is very evident for both human and animal.


Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition is a registered nutritional pet food that is natural, wholesome and free of preservatives.

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  1. July 6, 2011 11:59 am

    Have shared this on facebook. I wish more people would question information before following it willy nilly – even trying to defy nature and logic. People these days are scared to feed their pets proper food. How sad it that – it’s called brainwashing!

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