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The Deeper Aspects of Yoga

July 3, 2011

Domenique studioYoga is life. It encompasses every single aspect of our existence on this earth. By uniting the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, yoga provides the pathway for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. It provides the perfect antidote for all the stresses of our modern day lives, teaching us to live in the present moment, to learn from the past and look forward to the future, to be positive.

Yoga philosophy guides us along life’s path, and teaches us how to cope with the good experiences as well as learn from the difficult situations that come our way, knowing there is a lesson to be learned which we need to learn at this time. Yoga teaches us how to live our lives to the fullest, to be truthful and compassionate, to help others and never to intentionally hurt another, to be the best person we can possibly be and not just for our own benefit, but for others also. By being happy, healthy and positive, giving our best to whatever we do, maintaining strong values and morals, we are making this world a better place to live in for all. Yoga teaches tolerance of all religions which is much needed when one considers all the unrest in the world today because of religion.

With so much competitiveness in this world, a yoga class offers everyone, irrespective of their ability, the opportunity to just do their best and know it is all that is required, knowing the benefits are there for you to reap, even if you cannot do the posture perfectly. It teaches you to love and respect yourself and your body and to take the time to look after yourself. You need a healthy body to have a healthy mind and yoga offers the natural way in which to achieve optimum health.

Yoga teaches us to appreciate all our many blessings and to live in harmony with nature. It encourages us to see the best in every human being and not to judge others as we are each on our own life journey. Yoga cultivates self-reliance, confidence, compassion and encourages us to follow our own path, learning from the mistakes of others, as well as our own.

Yoga develops your intuition, becoming more in tune with yourself you are more likely to do the right thing rather than not.

Yoga enables us to really live our life to its fullest, making the most of each precious moment and is a lifestyle that can be followed by anyone, anywhere!


Domenique Hendricks | World’s View Yoga Centre, Somerset West |

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