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Yoga & You – July 2011 Teachers

July 3, 2011

Kate Ball.

After many happy years at Yoga Zone in the CBD, Kate is opening YogaSpirit in Constantia. Her love of yoga stems from the transforming power it’s had in her own life, both psychologically and physically. She feels deeply fortunate to share this gift with others, and teaches classes centered on love, honesty and present moment awareness. Kate has trained with Ana Forest in the USA, as well as Maria Taylor of St Francis Bay. Kate also teaches yoga on the Expresso Morning Show and writes for yoga publications whenever she gets the chance.


Marinus Muller.

After moving down from Jo’burg a year ago, Marinus is settling happily in to Cape Town’s rhythms and mountain-zen. He has been a Bikram instructor for the past seven years and more recently began teaching Vinyasa. Marinus is dedicated to the study of spirituality and the self. He describes yoga practice as, “A way to be more comfortable in my own skin. It’s a means of experiencing myself as whole and ‘burning off’ negative feelings and thoughts. On the mat I have come to know that I am much stronger than I thought I was. Yoga is a Mirror through which to understand yourself.” Marinus strives to share the power of yoga with his students through precise and balanced teaching.


Tamaryn Wilde.

Through yoga and meditation, Tammy has experienced a powerful shift into love and clarity which inspires her yoga classes. She teaches from her own truth, encouraging students to use yoga as an agent for change. Tam is a a graduate of Jim Harrington’s teacher training course and teaches Vinyasa Flow classes with a yin approach. She says, “I believe that yoga is for everyone and you do not have to be anything more than who you already are to be a yogi. It has been the single most transformative practice I have experienced and one of the great blessings of my life. My relationship with yoga is continually evolving and my commitment to the practice only deepens as I witness my students go through their own transformations. Yoga holds something unique and pure for each person. It will change your life for the better. I guarantee it!”

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