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Crystal sound healing & meditation

August 4, 2011

Knowing Love I will allow all things to come and go…
To be as supple as the wind…
To take everything that comes with great courage…
Life is right in any case…
My heart is as open as the sky…





Pure crystal sound is a wonderful tool which purifies & amplifies our intentions & prayers.

It activates & helps us remember our true nature as sacred beings of light & of love.

The crystal sound is extremely calming & brings us to a state of deep peace.

It is an opportunity for deep healing, inspiration, relaxation & recuperation.


Crystal Sound Healing
An exceptional tool for healing and awakening Clear quartz crystal is an extraordinary substance that holds the vibration of pure white light. It amplifies, purifies and harmonises. The light/sound vibration refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on the chakras when played. The sound brings about a positive shift in consciousness. It literally changes our vibration so that we glow with increased health and radiate frequencies of greater light. There is a sense of inner peace and attitudes of joy, love, surrender and gratitude are awakened. I have programmed my crystal bowls to amplify each listeners self healing ability, to purify, cleanse and heal. I have tuned them to awaken consciousness moving us towards the state of unconditional love, oneness and peace; ultimately, to be our true radiant selves as conscious beings of light and love. The tone increases clarity, harmony and purpose. The vibrations ripple outwards creating an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

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