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Interview: Bianca Volans

August 4, 2011
About Bianca Volans.

My first experience of Yoga was an amusing one. I burst out laughing whilst in bow pose – and the sound of OM was THE most odd thing I had ever heard and experienced! I should have know then, that Yoga was exactly what I needed to bring joy, inspiration and reflection into my life.
Yoga and I embarked together through my second pregnancy, with my daughter Aimee. I believe that through the gentle art of Yoga, I was able to experience a deeper connection with my unborn daughter.
But it was only after her birth, in 2005, that I felt a deeper desire to explore this beautiful art of Yoga. I was most definitely guided to the Haum of Yoga as I truly don’t know how I found my way there! However, this is where my practice has grown, my mind has explored and my heart has opened, and I am deeply grateful to Kerry and all the wonderful teachers that have inspired me over the last few years at the Haum. I have also met some really wholesome, grounded true friends through practicing at the Haum.
However, I could not ignore the desire that was brewing inside me to teach this beautiful art to others, to share the journey.  In August 2009 I completed the 200hr IndiYoga Teachers Training with Kerry at The Haum of Yoga. I have also attended workshops with Sean Corn, Sharron Gannon and David Life, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, David Jacobs and Patrick Creelman. Through each workshop, I am always amazed at how much Yoga has to offer, the inspiration it gives me to be a better person and explore self both on and off the mat.
Teaching Yoga has taught me so many weird and wonderful things about myself and it is through this learning that I teach to others. To know who we are, truthfully, walking in integrity and pure love, laughing at ourselves and with others and practicing the art of surrender are just a few of the joys of teaching and practicing Yoga.

As Patanjali has so beautifully laid out in one of his sutras:

“May all beings be happy and free, and may our thoughts, our words, and our actions, in some way, contribute to their freedom and their happiness.”
I look forward to meeting you on the mat or the relaxing massage bed!!!

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  1. August 10, 2011 11:50 am


    I would love to contact Bianca, I was her pregnancy yoga teacher and Doula.

    thanks Theoni

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