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The inner psychic world

August 4, 2011

What is self-knowledge?

To answer this question you do not need to be a philosopher, metaphysicisan or theologist, You know you exist, but you do not know what you are. You think (or you think that you think), but you do not know what thought it. You say “I am,” and you do not know what “I” is.

This self-ignorance creates a limitation, a conditioning. In oneness it creates diversity. We live in a universe – the ‘single’ verse, the single manifestation of the cosmic being, in which self-ignorance creates endless divisions. We live in a cosmos in which there is perfect order, but the self-ignorance creates disorder: it sees conflict where several forces and factors complement one another.

In order to appreciate all this it is helpful to be acquainted with the vision of the perfected yogi of self-knowledge. Obviously his knowledge is not your knowledge, it is not self-knowledge, it is not valid – but it enables you to know your ignorance. This is valuable.

Taken from the reading by Swami Venkatesananda – Yoga

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