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Yoga for the Overwhelmed: 11Can-Do Ways to Integrate Yoga into a Crazy Schedule

August 4, 2011
If you’re so busy that there’s no way you’re going to make it to yoga class, don’t despair: you can take your yoga anywhere, even into the depths of your most nail-biting weeks. With the right tools, you can slip your yoga practice into a prohibitively busy schedule, (and be infinitely better off for it).  Most of the below practices take just a moment, but they can be easily extended if time allows. Incorporate as many and as often as your day can accommodate. The most important thing to remember is this: yoga happens any time you connect our mind, body and breath. If you can do that, it doesn’t matter if you’re on a mat or in a cubicle.1. Don’t stumble into your day unsupported. Instead, make an intention for your day when you wake and return to that intention throughout the day. Just before you go to bed, revisit your intention in a spirit of gratitude.
2. Hide in the copy room and do one sun salutation, just one, whenever you can sneak away.
3. Seek out laughter. (Hot tip: Google “funny pug picture.”). What stress contracts, laughter expands.
4. Sitting on hold on the telephone? Use that opportunity to inhale and exhale deeply and completely until the other line picks back up. (Extra points: make it Lion’s Breath.)
5. Take a moment to place your hands under your feet in Padahastasana as you put on your shoes, and give it three good breaths before releasing.
6. Enforce a five-minute mid-day break, no interruptions allowed, to be completely alone and chant “om” (either silently or vocally, depending on your available level of solitude).
7. Battle road rage: do alternate-nostril breathing in traffic.
8. If you can, replace your office chair with a yoga ball. Your back will thank you.
9. Install a free “pomodoro” technique timer, (try, and do a single, five-breath pose every time it goes off.
10. If someone’s frustrating you to no end, pause your negativity for a moment and replace it with a sense of “Namaste`”.
11. Keep one beautiful flower on your desk. When stress starts getting the better of you, give the flower your full, focused attention. Allow yourself to see that its marvelous beauty, just like all things on this plane must pass. Let that realization help you see beyond the difficulty of the present moment.

Annette O’Neil lives in the Utah mountains, (when she’s not playing passport bingo). During her free moments, you’ll find her baking vegan cupcakes, riding her motorcycle in the canyons, skydiving and playing on her yoga mat.

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  1. Abbey permalink
    August 9, 2011 5:53 am

    What a picture Nina! Imagine trying to cross that road 🙂


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