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13 August 2011: Mae Zing Yoga Sling Open Day

August 10, 2011

Enjoy your body, use it every way you can … don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it – it is the greatest instrument you’ll ever own!

Please join us for a fun filled open day on the 13th of August.

We will have demos and lots of information avaliable…so come fly with us.

Date: 13 August 2011

Time: 1pm until 6pm

Place: 31 Summer Place, Kirstenhof, Cape Town

Please contact us on 072 295 0883 or 072 207 6519 if you have any questions

We look forward to meeting you!

The Mae Zing Yoga Sling is a complete exercise tool that enables you to achieve any conceivable posture, angle, movement, stretch or exercise imaginable. It offers you the ability to stretch and strengthen, but is also a therapeutic piece of equipment that can be used to practice inversion therapy. Hanging upside down is ideal for the gentle passive stretching and traction of the spine. Inversion therapy can alleviate muscular tension and pain as well as promote increased joint mobility, flexibility and relaxation and circulation of the blood, lymph and energy centres. All of these in turn relieve stress and promote good health and well-being. It is a complete home gym that promotes empowerment, simplicity, strength, healthy lifestyle and sheer pleasure.

Not only that … it’s loads of fun!

Core functions

1. Total home gym & suspension trainer

2. Inversion therapy
~ Helps to relieve back pain
~ Improves posture
~ Boosts brain power
~ Reverses the aging force of gravity
~ Spinal decompression therapy: chiropractor in a sling!
~ Great for your digestion & aids with cellular renewal

3. Anti-gravity suspension yoga
4. Strengthening and toning
5. Core workout
6. Stress & tension management
7. Home rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries
8. Gymnastics, acro yoga, martial arts trainer
9. Hammock and air chair
10. Children’s jungle gym
11. Aerial dance
12. Movement therapy
13. Tantra swing

Contact Mae Zing

072 2950883 / 082 8534754

For more info:

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