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My journey so far in Bikram

September 1, 2011

My journey so far in Bikram.

I started Bikram, ( hot yoga,) 3 weeks ago at Yoga Spirit, feeling very nervous and uncertain as to what I had gotten myself into as I had always done either swimming or spinning. Nothing close to bending my body in any strange way, especially in a room heated to 40 degrees.

I jumped right in there and started with a 90 minute class not really being bodily prepared. I lasted maybe 45 minutes in total and had to sit on my mat watching as it was really not as easy as it looked. What was the amazing part was that I never once felt self- conscious as everyone was there for themselves and not there to judge me.

I walked out the class soaking wet and completely rejuvenated. Wanting to overcome the challenge I returned 3 days later but this time I was able to do most of the class. By the next time I went I was able to do the whole 90 minutes. There looking at myself in the mirror in the complete tranquil room all I wanted to do was jump up and down with happiness and hi five myself. Finally the bug had bitten and I made sure I went the next week for 4 lessons.

Somewhere during that week I realized the changes in myself. I had suffered from constant heart burn and acid reflux my whole life and for the first time I could actually remember when last I had that burning sensation. I also suffer from juvenile arthritis and cannot flatten my hands on a straight surface but that too had changed. People were also noticing differences like my posture had improved and my legs were changing shape. All these sudden changes in no more than 7 classes.

I then sadly found out I couldn’t practice for a week as the studio had to suddenly close, I took this as a time when I could relax but that’s when the heartburn came back, my lower back hurt and my hands were in more pain than ever before.

I was never a believer of how yoga can help in so many ways but now I have become one of those devoted students who find every opportunity to talk about it to everyone.

Article by Natalie Hark who attends Bikram classes at Yoga Spirit in Constantia –

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