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New studio now open in Woodstock, CT

September 1, 2011


YOKAI is located on the busy Roodebloem Road in Woodstock. Find your inner countryside at the small oasis in middle of the hectic town. The sounds of two fountains drown the outside business and have a very calming influence. Enjoy the open spaces and the possibilities of moving freely around with almost no doors shut. Only exception is the massage room. The open spaced architecture of this beautiful, old victorian-styled house will help to keep an open mind.

With two fireplaces and extra heaters the yoga room offers enough warmth even when the wind is howling outside. And it just is wonderful doing yoga next to the crackling fire.

If you are our guest, the following is offered without extra costs: Clean yoga mats and blankets. Filtered pure water, (or mixed with fruits, peppermint or ginger), as well as fresh ginger tea will ensure that your inner fluids are in balance. We try to offer only organic juices, fruits, teas and food.


Its all about you. I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed from your daily life. Take time out and find yourself. You do not have to bother about all the things awaiting you outside for a moment, an hour, a few hours or a whole day. Feel free to sit in the lounge as long as you need after or before yoga class, massage or personal treatment.

Come as you are. You just need to bring an open mind and we care for the rest. Yes, also shampoo.

I want to look at your individual needs. Thats’ why I prefer a small and exclusive yoga class with no more than eight people. To ensure my full concentration on you and to find out what is necessary for you on this day. It may change every time you come and maybe your back problems are based in your mind or your feet or your knee. Who knows? We will find out!

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