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New Teacher in Town

September 1, 2011
My name is Kai Goertz, I am 49 years old, and I left my secure job as a social worker counselling foster families in Germany to settle down here in South Africa with yoga and massage. Why South Africa?
My life partner, Maryatta Wegerif, was born here and at the age of 6 moved to Germany with her family. Since then she´s been longing to get back home.
After a wonderful but also exhausting trip over 6 weeks in 2009, together with her father, (78),  and her auntie, (75), I also fell in love with this country.
Maryatta  was sure that the times of longing should be over now and she decided to leave her growing clientele and to put an end to her career as a photographer in Germany- with or without me.
After considering the matter carefully, I felt I didn´t want to let her go. With education in body therapy, in Ayurvedic and Thai massage as well as a Bryan Kest’s teacher training in my bag, I moved to Cape Town with her in April 2011 and opened my beautiful studio in Woodstock.
Visit for more information on Kai’s classes in Woodstock
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    Ich vermisse dich

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