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The South African School of Yoga- ‘childline’ project

September 1, 2011

The South African School of Yoga- ‘childline’ project

The South African spirit of Ubuntu, (which is service, love and giving), in our country of the rainbow nation serves to unite all under one umbrella of understanding that we are all one big family and then feeling it in our hearts and expressing it through our hands in giving to each other.

The Selfless Service Foundation of Serve, Love & Give is the Satyananda Yoga mantra. Students at the Satyananda Yoga School experience voluntary service with love and giving for the less fortunate by partaking in the ‘childline’ project that the School runs all year.

The Satyananda /Bihar Yoga tradition encourages serving the under-privileged, enabling the students to experience the liberating effects of service.

Information about Childline Gauteng:

What is Constitution Hill? It is the new home of the Constitutional Court the protector of children’s basic rights and freedom. Constitution Hill is also the site of Johannesburg’s notorious Old Fort Prison Complex situated on a hill overlooking the bustling Johannesburg innercity to the south and the forested suburbs to the north, the site provides a unique perspective on the City of Gold and it dramatic history.

We went on a tour of enlightenment and healing which brings me to ‘Childline’ offices that are situated at the foot of the hill where the Johannesburg Children’s Hospital used to be.

The ‘Childline Gauteng’ under the directorship of Lynne Cawood has generously opened their doors to the South African School of Yoga who has become their friends. The “Childline” children have unfortunately experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment, orphaned and are vulnerable as a result of poverty and HIV/AIDS. The South African School of Yoga feels honoured to be a part of the upliftment of these wonderful caregivers, foster parents and children.

Three Saturdays a month the 80 children from the age of 3 upwards are broken up into age groups and are taught the “Yoga Capsule Program” in Parktown. The children receive a nutritional, home cooked meal from the students of South African School of Yoga after their yoga lessons. Selected from the many 14 children have qualified as yoga teachers into the “Yoga Capsule Program”. They now serve, love and give back to their foster homes, friends and community, teaching them the art of reciprocation.

A “Yoga Capsule Manual” together with a DVD and CD are available at the School for only R100. The proceeds of these sales enable the School to continue contributing a free manual to each and every ‘childline’ child. This is the request of Swami Niranjananda in Bihar, India who has blessed the project.

If you wish to make a donation or to purchase a manual please contact us on . No amount goes unnoticed and is graciously accepted – thank you.

Swami Kamalavidya is proposing a “Sponsor a Child” project, whereby you can support one brave survivor at only R 150.00 per month to cover their transport costs to make it possible for them to be taught yoga in Parktown North every second, third and fourth Saturday’s of the month.

South African School of Yoga | Tel (011) 645 2000, Fax (011) 645 2020,

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