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9-11 Sept – The week that’s been

September 13, 2011

Yoga was Hot this weekend!

So the weekend stared off on Friday afternoon by heading to the new studio, Yoga Spirit, in Constantia. I went off to explore a vinyasa yoga class with Marinus Muller, who is a Bikram Yoga teacher originally from Jozie. Marinus started his yoga “career” in Bikram Yoga and then later trained to become an Ashtanga yoga teacher. He had a lovely gentle and motivating way of guiding the class of mixed levels through a challenging sequence in the heated room. The flow class started off gently, moving through a classic salute to the sun sequence, and from there, the postures and the sequence built up in difficulty, working with a selection of lunges, warriors, arm strengtheners, balances, backbends and inversions. So after a good hour of having moved my body into and out of a variety of postures it didn’t feel like there was a muscle in my body that had not been lengthened and strengthened.

So after some hot yoga on Friday night, (which I managed to survive through), I decided to find out what all the fuss is about Bikram yoga. Being a new-bee to Bikram i.e. never having tried it before, I thought a Saturday morning would be a safe and quiet class to attend – I mean really who in Claremont will get out of bed to attend a 9am 1.5hr yoga class? Well let’s just say that by 8:55 as the students were streaming in I was getting a little worried that there wouldn’t be a space left for me! I have no idea how many attended that class that morning, but it must have been well over 30, it was quite amazing, clearly Yo Yoga is the place to be on Saturday mornings. So we started working through the classic Bikram session, which is challenging, but not unbearable. The postures are well thought through and one works in a very methodical way, doing most postures two to three times on each side and holding it for shorter periods each time. Bikram yoga is definitely suited for beginners and those who feel a little challenged flexibility wise, the reason being is that there are not very many “over-powering strong postures” and there are always “rest” periods between postures.  Jenny is amazing, she has a warm, fun and beautiful personality, and one can see that she has been doing and teaching yoga for a long time. She is able to motivate the whole group to work together as a unit, but at the same time, it feels like she is motivating you personally and making you work to your deepest capabilities with each posture, a true talent that not many teachers have. So after being a bit apprehensive at going to my first Bikram class, with a full studio, I was pleasantly surprised. I suppose the thing about working in a big group, is that the group energy really does help you though the class and you really feel motivated to work right through to the end, (which I did actually manage to do), albeit mostly red in the face with sweat pouring down my body – definitely not the most attractive way to meet men – ladies, you have been warned!)

Many thanks to Marinus and Jenny for sharing your time, energy and knowledge with me and the YAA readers.



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