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9 Oct 2011: Handstand Workshop, CT

October 1, 2011

Handstand Workshop
We are holding a very exciting workshop to build up your strength and confidence in handstands. Mika Kaski of the CNAC (Centre National Des Arts du Cirque de Chalons en Champagne) in Paris will lead this workshop at Shanti.

Date: Sunday, 9th October 2011

Time: 11 am to 1 pm

Cost: R250

Booking and upfront payment essential.

The objective of the workshop is to work on the basic posture of handstand. Emphasising the importance of the core and alignment. With various preparatory excercises to illustrate the parts of the body sollicitated and trying to activate them. Also working on the isolation of the different parts of the body to work independently with the objective to find more mobility, movement and the use of minimum of energy.

The workshop is suitable for anyone in normal health. Good to notice that the exercises put a certain amount of strain on the wrist, shoulders and back.

Mika Kaski started doing Circus in the Turku Arts Academy in Finland. During this time he trained in several different circus disciplines including duo-trapeze and also kung-fu, gradually putting more emphasis on handstand, which he initially did on sticks. During his studies he did shows and performances outside the school including the finnish national opera. After receiving a diploma as a teacher of circus arts he continued his studies in France in the leading European new circus school the CNAC (Centre National Des Arts du Cirque de Chalons en Champagne) as handstand as his primary discipline. Working now more directly on the floor for more possibilities for movement. The formation puts also a lot of attention on dance and theatre. New circus is a hybrid between different forms of artistic expression. At the same time he worked also on equestrian volting. After finishing his studies Mika has worked with many different artists and groups in France and elsewhere. Mainly in circus but also in dance and theater.
He now lives in Paris.

Address: 3rd Floor, 57 Temple House,
Corner Buitenkant & Roeland St, Cape Town
Ulrike Lamprecht (RYT): 084 358 9863 email:


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