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Growing organic veggies in your backyard

October 3, 2011

Growing organic veggies in your backyard with Home Organic

Home Organic – it’s quite revolutionary. Now YOU can control exactly what you and your family are eating. No more pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers – just home-grown, natural, organic veggies all grown in the comfort of your garden.

Former Engineer for Toyota SA, Andrew Donkin and his wife Karen came up with this effective and easy system for the urban-living, busy professional. Now, being health conscious doesn’t have to a cost a fortune in grocery bills and neither do you need to be blessed with the proverbial ‘green fingers’ know-how.

“The DIY Home Organic units are great because they are constructed to be neat, practical and manageable systems designed for people living in urban, residential suburbs with limited space, but with good natural light” explains Andrew enthusiastically. This innovative veggie garden is even designed to thwart all your usual garden pests, like big bugs, birds, moles and the ever-hungry Vervet Monkey troops.

Andrew suggests starting off with something small and simple that you can build onto later. Home Organic offers a wide range of veggie garden kits suitable to grow your own organic veggies and herbs, right on your doorstep. There are fully enclosed, raised container Home Organic Gardens (HOG’s) and simpler, raised containers units that can be placed in convenient spots in your garden like courtyards, driveways or even balconies. Limited space is no excuse – anyone can grow their own veggies.

It’s an offer that you simply cannot resist – Home Organic will provide you with your selected veggie unit, fully installed, in the area of your choice, along with the soil and an in-built irrigation system. All you need to do is connect your garden hose and presto – watch your seedlings grow!

Soon, your Home Organic garden will be sprouting scrumptious organic goodness like juicy radishes, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, spinach and rocket and more – it’s your choice.


Contact Home Organic at: 079-0484232 or Email: or visit:

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