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Interview: Jenny Brash

October 3, 2011
1.       Name:
Jenny Brash.
2.       DOB:
22 April 1972
3.       What style of yoga do you teach?
Bikram and Vinyasa flow.
4.       Where do you teach?
Yo  Yoga, Cape Town.
5.       How long have you been practicing yoga?
14years, since 1997.
6.       How long have you been teaching yoga?
7 years, since 2005.
7.       Who have you trained with and where?
Bikram Choudhury, (Los Angeles, USA – 2004), Maria  Taylor (St Francis Bay 2009) & Sheshadri, Ashtanga Yoga in India, Mysor in 2007.
8.       What lead you to teaching yoga and at what point did you decide that you wanted to teach?
Jenny’s first Bikram class was in 1997 in San Francisco whilst on a Deloitte secondment. She later developed a regular practice in London where she was working as a CA. In 2001 she decided to attend the 9-week Bikram Yoga training course in the States to further her knowledge of yoga and for her own emotional enrichment, not with the actual intention of teaching. However, moving from London to Cape Town, she realised that she wanted to do things a little differently, where she could combine the right brain activity with the left brain stillness she was craiving to bring about an emotional and mental balance. In CT there was a shortage of Bikram teachers, and she was asked to teach more and more regularly as the popularity of the hot yoga was taking shape.
9.       What do you love most about teaching?
Making a difference. Bikram is ideal for beginners I call it the 101 for beginners as it is a great and safe introduction to yoga.
10.   What do you love most about yoga?
The way it make me feel – giving me a balanced life.
11.   What is the greatest challenge you have overcome with the help of yoga?
Getting through a break up and having the courage to start a business where I could combine my business and CA skills with the love I have for yoga.
12.   What advice do you have for people who have never tried yoga?
Try it!
13.   Do you have a regular practice?
Yes, daily. I attend classes taught by other teachers at Yo Yoga.
14.   Favourite Asana?
Shoulder Stretch – Prasarita Padangustasna C and Ustrasana, (Camel Pose)
15.   Strongest Asana?
Sarvangasana, Shoulderstand

16.   Any religious affiliations?

None, and the studio we created is not associated with any religion or philosophy, we are completely neutral with can be seen by the diversity of students that attend our classes.
17.   What are your other interests?
Travelling, good food, (She’s into Rawlicious and Super Food right now), beach and the outdoors, her Staffies, socialising and having a good time with her friends.
18.   Any thank yous?
To all my teachers and especially Stuart my business partner.

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