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Pran Mudra.

October 3, 2011

Recently I have found myself squinting to read restaurant bills or trying to bring the page of a book into focus by auto-zooming with my arm. Yes I am in denial, balking at the idea of needing glasses I set out to find a magical mudra to quick fix my eyes. In some texts Pran Mudra is said to improve vision, increase vitality, reduce feelings of nervousness and encourages assertiveness, in others it is referred to as the multi-vitamin mudra aiding the body’s processing of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.

Whilst, (in my opinion), all mudras are magical, the instant gratification I seek is elusive, so I will persevere and practice this mudra three times a day for 15 minutes, mindfully, with sincerity, and sparkling, ever improving eyes.


Sitting comfortably in a quiet place take a few moments to set an intention or choose an affirmation to use in this practice. Closing the eyes, be aware of the breath and allow the inhalation and the exhalation to become slower and deeper, or if you are familiar with Ujjayi begin with 12 rounds.

Continue with your chosen breathing practice placing the tips of the thumb, ring finger, and little finger together whilst extending the index and middle fingers of both hands.

On completion repeat the affirmation, release the fingers and take a few deep breaths before opening the eyes.


Jennifer Stephens is a Yoga Therapist registered with AHPCSA. Her Karma Yoga includes an outreach project for children and the elderly in Nyanga, and Bravekids, (part of the Brave Foundation) working with children and seniors in recovery from physical trauma.

She teaches individual remedial yoga therapy in addition to group classes for adults and children and is a trustee of the Brave Foundation. |


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