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22 Oct 2011: Nutritional Restyling for Vibrant Health: Waterfall retreat centre

October 18, 2011

Nutritional Restyling for Vibrant Health

Saturday 22nd October
Hosted By Deborah Sutherland. Yoga and meditation taught by Diego Baldi

Practice Yoga and meditation to open your awareness and creativity. Begin to understanding the energetic’s of our food source through knowledge and a interactive hands on experience.

8.00am- 6pm
R400 pp
Including pranic juices, super smoothies and a delicious vegetarian lunch.

Please book and pay deposit of 50% before Wednesday 19th October.

more info;

Raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds have been long in existence. We have moved into a life style of fast foods, take away foods and foods packaged in cardboard, plastic and bottles. This is so far removed from how our ancestors lived and the ‘new’ modern life style has untold consequences on our health. Raw Food has become a ‘new’ phrase and with it mysticism has been built up around it. The simple truth is that it is fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and oils.
The art of creating delicious meals is in how you combine all these abundant flavours, colours and textures. How you incorporate them into your life style is about you being creative with your life.
I will share with you my knowledge and understanding of what I have learnt over the years so that you can go home and begin to implement simple ways of creating wholeness and breathe new life into your current eating style.

When we begin our day, in tune, connected and focused we automatically relax into our days duties. We can deal with what life gives us with equanimity and a balanced mind. You will begin the retreat with yoga and relaxation. This will prepare you for a journey of opening your awareness and creativity in understanding the energetic’s of our food source. There will be a time of theory before moving into a practical hands on experience in preparing an abundant meal.
This is an insightful experience that will give you the confidence in stepping into taking control of your health.


Registration 8am

Yoga 8.30 to 10.30 am

Tea 10.30 to 11am
Juice and a Power Chocolate Smoothie

Talk and food preparation 11am to 1pm

1 to 2pm lunch

2 to 3.30pm talk and discussion

Do you live to eat or do you eat to live?
We will discuss the 2 different ways of looking at our life style of food and see what the implications that both have on our mental, emotional, and physical and spiritual lives.
How do you migrate from living to eat to that of eating to live?

3.30 to 5pm Yoga and meditation

5pm to 6pm
Wrapping up the day with final questions and purchasing products

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