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19-27 Nov 2011: Develop the Teacher Within

November 18, 2011


Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

A course taught by his student Gurujot Singh Khalsa


Saturday 19th November – 10am – 4pm

Sunday 20th November – 11am – 5pm

Saturday 26th November – 10am – 4pm

Sunday 27th November – 11am – 5pm

Places are limited – Booking absolutely essential

R400 per day
R750 for the weekend
R1400 for full course
all options includes lunch & yogi tea

Anyone can attend – 1 day or any & all days. It’s a 4 day course to learn everything, but even a piece of it is great :

Course will cover (amongst other topics): Sadhana, Japji, chakras, magnetic fields, circumvent force, apana & prana,
tapa, bhao & bhaao, (fear & love), shabd & naad, kaparaa (cover of consciousness), grace, compassion, humility,
oneness, love as an experience of selflessness within one’s self, learn practice, share, serve, live in radiance,
and continuous remembrance are a few of the jewels you will find on the steps to climb to becoming a
teacher within your own true self.

These will be covered in kundalini exercises, chants, meditations, song, and dance to understand better how
to develop the teacher within.

“These are steps to come to be (you say become) a teacher of your own true self and the True Self of all.”
Yogi Bhajan

1) Learn. Learn and teach yourself, grow in consciousness, compassion, and courage. “Learn to sing your song of consciousness.” Siri Singh Sahibji

2) Practice. Practice the five awarenesses to Oneness: Gaveai, Suniai, Mannai, Bhao, Jap. Learn and practice.
Do yourself the teachings – the technology of yoga including healthy eating, diets and fasts, exercises,
postures, pranayam, kriyas, meditations, chanting – to cleanse your body and mind.
This includes sadhana.

3) Share with others. Teach what you have learned.

4) Serve others. Give to others beyond and above teaching.

5) Live in humility. Live in the humility of God’s Will and Radiance.

“When you climb these five steps and continue to live in humility and radiance, you are a teacher.”
Yogi Bhajan

Places are limited – Booking absolutely essential


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