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2011/2012: Nalanda Retreats at Hearth & Soul Eco Farm

December 1, 2011

Detox, De-stress & Rejuvenate

with Nalanda Retreats

at Hearth & Soul Eco Farm

1.  Home Pancha Karma Detox Retreat


Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit by joining us for seven days deep cleansing. 

 The Retreat can give you relief from:

Anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, stress, depression, excess weight, digestive complaints, menstrual disorders, menopausal imbalances, backache, headaches, general tiredness, burn-out, feeling uneasy and sluggish, general low moods, irritability and anger. 

This retreat is specifically recommended for people experiencing high pressure and stress, recent or old trauma or changes in their lives. This can be a separation or divorce, change of work environment, loss of a loved one, preparing for a marriage or a child, recovering from giving birth, a move to a new place or country, abuse from others and when self-abusive patterns are playing out, persistent bad eating habits, or as a seasonal cleanse as a preventative health measure.

Once cleansed and in a state of balance, it is easy again to make health promoting choices and commitments to sustain  your wellbeing.




2.  Ayurveda Wellness Retreat


This 3, 5 or 7 day Retreat is less involved than the Home Pancha Karma Detox Retreat, but will still leave you with a definitive new sense of balance and well-being, rested and rejuvenated.

Our Retreats may include:

·         Receiving lots of different, deeply relaxing Massagesmostly based on Ayurvedic principles, a truly nurturing experience!

·         Deeply balancing in its nature, Massage helps the body to circulate nutrients more efficiently, eliminate toxins, cleanse and rejuvenate the body. It creates a connection between body, mind and spirit and can unlock the gates to the inner world of a joyful life.

·         Yoga/Pranayama/Meditation/Relaxation: gentle stretches for all levels, especially beginners :), healing for mind, emotions and the body.

·         Diet and Lifestyle coaching to address your body-mind-soul imbalances.

·         Self-care treatments.

·         Time in nature, rest, relaxation, silence.

·         An introduction to Ayurvedic principles.

·         Hot water drinking therapy and herbal tea.

·         Daily breakfast, lunch and supper. Freshly prepared vegetarian dishes using Ayurvedic knowledge. We are serving you satvic food that promotes health and wellbeing. You are gently detoxing by eating yummy nutritious food.

·         We may play with art.

·         Accommodation in charming en suite bedrooms at Hearth & Soul Eco Farm.

·         Family and organisational constellation therapy andtrauma releasing, individual or as group sessions.

·         We hold a personal and safe space for all your feelings and healing processes.

·         Informal cooking instruction on Ayurvedic principles.

·         Healthy mid morning and mid afternoon snacks.

·         Lots of personal care and attention.


 2011/2012 Retreat dates at Hearth & Soul:

 Ayurveda Wellness Retreats 
13 Dec-20 Dec; 8 Feb-12 Feb; 2Mar-4 Mar

Home Pancha Karma Detox Retreats

27 Nov evening-4 Dec; 11 Jan evenig-17 Jan; 
28 Mar evening -3 Apr


Contact us regarding further upcoming dates and a full tailor-made quotation

Nalanda Ayurvedic Centre
Tel:  028 254 9027


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