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Shankh Mudra – (Conch Shell Mudra).

December 1, 2011
The conch shell is used by many ancient cultures as a musical instrument which when blown is said to purify the air and attract positive energy. The spiraling shape of the shell symbolizes infinite space as the shell gradually spirals outwards in a clockwise direction.
Using this mudra brings about a calm, harmonious and serene state of mind.
Lightly curl the right fingers around the left thumb, bringing the right thumb to the middle finger of the left hand.
Position the hands in front of the sternum in line with Anahata Chakra. Closing the eyes chant the OM three times then remain silent for a few minutes, observing without attachment what arises.
Jennifer Stephens is a registered Yoga Therapist.  Her Karma Yoga includes an outreach project for children and the elderly in Nyanga,

She teaches individual remedial yoga therapy for adults and children.

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