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YAA Interview: Ulrike Lamprecht

December 29, 2011

1.       Name: Ulrike Lamprecht

2.       DOB: 25 Feb 1971

3.       What style of yoga do you teach? Ashtanga

4.       Where do you teach? Shanti Cape Town, 3rd floor, 57 Temple House, Corner Buitenkant & Roeland St, Gardens – Click here for website

5.       How long have you been practicing yoga? 12 years, since 1999

6.       How long have you been teaching yoga? 6 years

7.       Who have you trained with and where?

Maria Taylor, Africa Yoga in St Francis Bay, 3 Teacher Training Courses with Shimon Ben Avi from Israel, R. Sharath Jois (Pattabhi Jois’ Grandson) in Mysore, India, Yoga Nidra with Sangeeta from the Satyananda School in CT, Courses with Danny Paradise.

8.       What lead you to teaching yoga and at what point did you decide that you wanted to teach?

I did my teacher training to learn more about yoga and to pass it on to others. I was an investment banker with two small kids moving to Cape Town. I wanted to do something that would allow me the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with them. After my teacher training I started with a few classes at home in my lounge with Aldi Groenewald. That grew quickly and the space was limited, that is when I looked for bigger premises and opened Shanti Cape Town in Roeland Street.

9.       What do you love most about teaching?

Seeing people unfold and find that they are whole. Every person is unique and I feel honoured to be able to hold the space for them so that they can go deeper in their practice.

10.   Is there a focus in your teaching style?

Pure traditional Ashtanga, specialise in Mysore Style, (silent self-practice with teacher present to give adjustments and to guide the student).

11.   What do you love most about yoga?

That it is a never ending story. The deeper you go, the deeper you get into it.

12.   What is the greatest challenge you have overcome with the help of yoga? Depression.

13.   What advice do you have for people who have never tried yoga?

Find a teacher and a style of yoga that resonates with you. A teacher who holds that space. Don’t give up after the first class as there is definitely a type and style of yoga for you.

14.   Do you have a regular practice? I practice daily

15.   Favourite Asana? Pincha mayurasana

16.   Least favourite asana? All backbends! I only started to love backbends recently after 12 years of practicing!

17.   Any religious affiliations? No

18.   What are your other interests? My family, children and my husband.

19.   Any thank yous? Yes, to my teacher and inspiration Shimon.


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