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YAA’s Top 10 Posts for 2011

December 30, 2011

Here are your top 2011 posts

At number
10: Interview with Andre Kunkel
Find out more about Andre and Southern Sea Yoga

9: Interview with Marinus Muller
Find out more about this fun-loving yogi and the studios he teaches at

8: Winter Yoga Routine
For those travelling north this holiday make sure you save this winter routine

7: Sharon Gannon
Picture of Sharon Gannon doing Side Crow

6: Ten Reasons why men should do yoga
Need we say more? Men come on, time to get into action this 2012…

5: The Rishikesh Kundalini Festival
Your most sought-out yoga event this year.

4: Geeta Iyengar visiting SA
Read up about this inspiring yoga teacher

3: The Hasta Mudra
Jennifer shares her deep knowledge of yoga and mudras

2: David Life
Picture of David Life doing an awesome advanced yoga pose – not to be done after Christmas feast!

And your favourite post this year was
1: New yoga studio in Constantia – YogaSpirit
Well done YogaSpirit, we think you’re great and wish you all the best for 2012
 So be sure to share your studio news and opening specials with us and YOU could be our 2012 top yoga post.

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