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20-22 January 2012: Michael Gannon back in town!

January 14, 2012

Michael Gannon will be back in South Africa for 20-22 January. He’ll be running master classes at Ekam and also a workshop at Bikram Illovo/Go Yoga. The current schedule is as follows though there may be changes/updates:

We start with pre-asana pranayama; this stokes our agni, charges the body with prana and scrubs the mind calm, then a full asana practice finishing with a deep guided relaxation. We continue with Q&A, additional pranayama and guided meditation.

How to get in or out of a particular asana? How to deepen your experience in a posture that has been challenging you? Ask for special tricks for any part of the practice that frustrates you. As the name implies-very fun stuff!!!

The power of words and talking with your hands; more is less in this simple yet powerful approach. Working with partners, we will learn subtle adjustments that are as important to understand while you are being adjusted as they are when you are giving adjustments.

This Master Class is for yoga teachers only. We need 20 yoga teachers confirmed and paid in order to run this master class. If we don’t hear from you by 13 January we will cancel this once-in-a-lifetime event.

  • Breath, Bandhas and Arm Balances 21 January, 1-3:30pm, contact to confirm your space.

The fun stuff that we used to do with our bodies as indestructible tykes. We used to be so much more comfortable being upside down when we were kids, and so much closer to the ground. Use your yoga practice in a way that can help you defy the laws of gravity again- as a big kid. All levels, all styles of practitioners.

*Event info thanks to Ekam

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