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Antigravity Yoga

January 14, 2012
Spice Up Your New Year’s Resolution:
It never fails. The day after our New Years celebration, the talks of resolutions begin. Everyone talks about losing weight, getting their high-school body back, and reference the gym like it is some kind of torture facility. But why do the same ole same and not follow through with your plans? Try something new, like yoga; or even better AntiGravity Yoga. I know, I know, you are probably thinking, “but I can’t even do the splits” but that is why yoga is perfect for anyone. There are so many types of yoga that there is one out there for you. Trust me.So, I know the word AntiGravity has to perk your interest because it sounds so different. This new spin on traditional yoga is occupying yoga studios around the world. AntiGravity yoga combines Pilates, dance, calisthenics and acrobatics with traditional asanas to create a fun alternative yoga.  While hanging from a silky hammock, students use upper body strength and great muscle control to stretch and perform a series of poses. Not only does AntiGravity yoga physically improve the students but the mental and spiritual connections are also recognized.There are many classes available for AntiGravity yoga; some are more physically intense while others focus more on the energy balancing. This more passive form allows the students to self-reflect in their hammocks while doing poses like the lotus and so on. The reflecting Antigravity yoga is a great stress reliever and a good class to take at the end of a work week. It has been practiced in many hospitals and nursing homes to alleviate depression in the elderly and cancer patients. Students suffering from aggressive cancers like mesothelioma or non-hodgkin’s lymphoma swear by its effects.So as the New Year starts to pass us by, consider trying AntiGravity yoga or any form of yoga to get yourself into shape, mentally and physically. There is no need to deprive yourself of the things you love and force yourself to go to the gym every day.  So grab a friend, find a studio and begin your yoga journey today.Visit to read about Antigravity Yoga in South Africa.

Allison Brooks : Went to the University of Mississippi and earned a degree in biomedical anthropology. Now she is studying in the field to finish an ethnography on the effects of biomedicalization on Bolivian cultures.

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