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Hot Yoga Bliss. Yoga at YogaZone in Cape Town, South Africa.

January 21, 2012

Yoga at YogaZone in Cape Town, South Africa

Yoga Zone Student, Beth Vale, explains why Hot Yoga is her bliss…

A few months ago – at a point when I had reached my intellectual, emotional and physical tether – I made the spontaneous decision to start hot yoga. I looked up the closest studio and set off with mixture of nerves and excitement. Although I went in as a complete novice, I felt welcome and calm the moment I walked into the incense-infused Yoga Zone. I started with the free beginners class and by the time the hour was over, I was hooked! The next day, I purchased a discounted package of 10 classes in two weeks. And don’t get me wrong – it was hard! For two weeks, my body ached – I pushed my strength and endurance levels to the limit and would sometimes feel faint in class.  But the challenge grabbed at my ambitious spirit and I was determined to master every pose.

After about a month of obsessive yoga, some wise words from a masterful yogini helped me realize that yoga was not the space for my perpetual striving. Instead, I needed to use yoga as a place where I could simply be, rather than do. Today, I practice yoga by listening to my body and trusting it – often times it surprises me in what it can do without my forcing it!

While some people may dread the sweaty heat of a 36-degree heated studio, I relish an hour of perspiration in a space that feels distinctly different from the rest of the world. The moment I enter the heated room, I enter a new space, where I can re-connect with my body after a full day of difficult mind-work. And even though I still find many of the poses challenging, and often get tired during a full-on Vinyasa class, I always leave feeling invigorated, refreshed and physically worked. Better still, the introspective atmosphere in class makes me feel as though I am the only person in the room, despite frequently crowded sessions.  I would recommend hot yoga to anyone in need of some personal renewal.  Just remember to drink lots of water before and after and leave your self-consciousness at home!


Visit YogaZone’s website by clicking here for more information on their current class schedule

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