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Local is Lekker: Yoga in the Townships

January 31, 2012

Quick Stats
Our relationship with Masiphumele is two years old, and we continue to teach yoga once a week to approximately 7 women. One of the local women has been fully Yoga For Africa trained and teaches the classes.
We have four volunteers who assist weekly at Masi on rotation.

Not too long ago the township of Masiphumelele, (‘we will succeed’ in Xhosa) was just a small blip in a relatively unpopulated side of Cape Town’s coast line. Today over 40 000 people live in an area which, even though largely overcrowded and under-resourced, thrives due to the tenacity and spirit of many of its residents. We’ve been so fortunate to partner with a group of women in Masi, who in 2010 started on a journey with us into the unknown world of yoga. For almost two years SevaUnite has been teaching yoga to them, and has successfully identified and trained Tamara, a long time Masi resident to become a yoga teacher herself with the help of SevaUnite’s Yoga For Africa manual. Once a week on a Wednesday we head off to the Salvation Army Hall where the classes are held. Changing into comfortable clothes and spreading her mat on the floor, Tamara demonstrates and instructs in Xhosa to an average group of seven women. There are 12 programs in the YFA manual and Tamara is slowly working her way through each sequence of poses, further strengthening and deepening participants’ experience of the postures. They also play a 15 minute recording of Swami Pragyamurti’s Yoga Nidra session to completely relax and revitalize after the class.

Moving ahead into 2012 we look to grow the classes, and train one or two more community members to become teachers themselves.


To get involved in community work in your area contact the SevaUnite Organisation who do amazing work! or contact Leela:

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