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Swami Pragyamurti’s 2011 Tour

February 1, 2012

Director of the Satyananda Yoga Centre in London, Swami Pragyamurti is an incredibly passionate and compassionate being who has dedicated more than 30 years of her life to teaching yoga, with a focus being on the more destitute and underprivileged in society. She has been integral in helping SevaUnite compile the Yoga For Africa manual, and we look forward to her annual visit which sees her sharing her knowledge with the wider Cape Town community.

In keeping with the jam packed three weeks she spends here every year, 2011 was no different. Her time here included:

  • A weekend retreat in Noordhoek, open to the public, with a day spent in silence and meditation, a havan and meditation teachings in the tradition of Satyananda Yoga. We had 20 people attending this beautifully relaxing and inspiring weekend
  • A day with 40 policemen from the Pinelands area in Cape Town, where Swami Pragyamurti taught breathing techniques that would equip police with simple practices that allow them to tackle stress and tension that results from their work environment.
  • In keeping with tradition, Swami Pragyamurti also spent a day with NGOs Being Brave, a foundation for physical trauma recovery support, teaching yoga specifically suited for people with physical disabilities and limited mobility; Mothers Unite, a childcare focused program in Lavender Hill, teaching staff simple de-stressing yoga practices and breathing techniques, as well as helping them with their on-site food gardens; a morning with HIV/AIDS program Etafeni and a day with Positive Muslims, an Islamic faith based organization with a focus on HIV/AIDS treatment and support. Any numbers you can insert here pls do
  • A week long master class was held at the Graduate School of Business where 30 teachers and practitioners from all traditions came for a two hour evening session with Swamiji
  • 20 people from South African Remedial Yoga Therapy Association (Saryta) attended a full weekend workshop focusing on Chakra Purification.


Swami Pragyamurti is coming back to Cape Town this year, 2012, Feb – March.

Click here to visit the Satyananda Website for her programme.

[Editors note: This is an amazing woman, I highly recommend making the effort to attend at least one of her workshops or classes, you will be blown away!]


Get you yoga studio involved!

Distribution being organised. Seva opportunity. Help needed.

Clothing, food, toys, books and household items going to be distributed to 75 families in Lavender Hill.

  • 500+ people are beneficiaries.
  • 30 trees and other plants being planted on the same day at Mothers Unite site.
  • Lavender Hill Yoga Centre being inaugurated on the same day.

If you want to get involved please read on.

As part of Swami Pragyamurti’s tour next month, we are organising a distribution for the people at Mothers Unite. This will take place on Thursday March 1st and we would love for as many of you to be there as possible and/or help in the preparation over the coming weeks. Given that it is on a weekday, we understand that many will be working. But a distribution is not merely about giving things over, it involves much more, and we hope to engage you as much as possible in the process to experience the uplifting effects that this type of Seva has.

A distribution typically involves:

  • Organising a collection of goods through our network, and our networks network!
  • We then all get together and sort through all the goods and pack them according to the requirements of each household (as per a census/requirement check already done)
  • Transporting the Hampers on the day to the distribution site. (This will be done before working hours so volunteers who work can help out and then go to work from there making for a rather unique start to the day!)
  • Distribution itself
  • We would like to pack 75 parcels (1 per family, average 5-8 people per family, approximately 500 people)
  • The parcels will consist of second hand goods collected through our networks and packed according to the needs of each family and a food hamper consisting of non-perishable food items. The cost of the food hamper is R150.

How Can I Help?

Two things to start with,

1) Start collecting

  • Second hand/new men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and shoes, toys,
  • Used kettles, fans, toasters, lights, cd players, fridge, microwave, laptops/pcs/projector, cell phones (these won’t go to individual people, but to MU and staff) in working order.
  • Carpets/rugs/mats
  • Towels and linen
  • Kitchen utensils including crockery and cutlery

Please pass this email on to anyone you know who would be able to collect and/or donate

N.B.: Please ensure that donated goods are complete, clean and in working order. (Please avoid any urge to give things that are broken, have missing parts, etc, rather recycle these)

2) Purchase or donate money towards the food hampers R150 each

and/or help organise a discount from supermarkets for the hampers. We would like pack extra hampers for large families so we are looking to pack 100 food hampers)

Once collected, please contact me or Brian and we can come and collect, or you can drop off at me in Sea Point. When we have all the donations we will be sending out another email arranging a day and time to come and help sort and pack parcels.

Huge thanks,

Leela (Director)

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