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4 Yoga Apps for iPhone

February 6, 2012

Many of us turn to DVDs or internet videos for practicing yoga without a personal instructor. But what about your iPhone? Here are five apps that will help you easily incorporate yoga into your daily life.

1. YogaWorkout
This app was designed to help you to plan and organize your yoga workout routine. There are several flows to choose from that can be combined into a full routine. You can even mix and match the poses based on difficulty level or a specific area of the body. Each pose includes a photograph with detailed instructions. ($1.99)

2. Office Harmony
Do you use yoga to help relieve stress from work? How about using it to relieve stress while you’re still AT work? This app provides six different poses with instructional videos to give you a break right in your office. There are also four meditation videos with relaxing music to give your brain a rest. You’ll even get weekly tips sent to you for relieving stress at work. ($1.99)

3. MINDBODY yoga 3.0
If you are interested in taking a yoga class, this app will help you find a yoga instructor near you. You can even search by class days and times and adjust the search distance radius. Within the app you can look at a picture of the studio, a map, and a list of available classes. If you’re looking for a new class or you’re constantly on the go, this is a great way to find yoga classes at your convenience. (Free)

4. YOGA Free: 200 Poses & Yoga Classes
This free app is a great way for beginners to practice yoga if they don’t have time or money to take a class. It offers a “Quick Recipe” routine for absolute beginners as well as the option to create your own routine from a series of 200 poses. Each pose has a voice to guide you through the move, along with a video option in case you need to see how it’s done. This app is pretty, user friendly, and inspirational – you’ll even receive a daily quote to meditate on as you practice. (Free)
Jan Pierce is a grade school teacher who has over 20 years of experience in the classroom. She also owns the site for students interested in earning a degree in elementary education.

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