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Arrived safe and sound

February 9, 2012

So I arrived safe and sound in India, little confusion at the airport as I couldn’t find my driver to the hotel, but after a little while all was sorted and I was on my way with two Serbs, Prof Nikic and Bosiljka who are also planned to speak at this conference.


So I was warned about the driving and traffic in India and was expecting the worst with a couple of near death experiences within a short journey. Now I’m not sure if the long flight made me unattentive, or chatting to the Serbs and trying to adjust to their accents and not really focussing on the roads or what I think is the case, is having travelled in Vietnam with Abbey last year, especially in Saigon was a good wake up call as to travelling in the East. Or… Bangalore is just not as hectic as other paerts of India, don’t get me wrong, its not like travelling at home at all, there were a few times when I caught myself sitting in the back seat and breaking with my left foot to avoid a collision or two, so driving or being driven here is like being in a whole other world.

So after arriving at the hotel, Capitol, not bad, maybe a little outdated and the decor and bathrooms could do with a little more tlc.. but then I don’t have anything to compare it with here in India, so for now, I think I’m pretty well off. The service from the staff is great and even though I have not gone out to eat and only had lunch and supper at the hotel, all the curries were fabulous, spicy… very very spicy but awesome… let’s hope my stomach lives to tell the tale

In the evening I met up with some of the others who are speaking at the conference. More on them from the conference tomorrow…

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