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Day 3 at the Conference

February 14, 2012

Okay, so the morning started off really well… with a mild decline and then another peak towards the end of the day.

So we got to the conference venue safe and sound and a Professor Hedge started off the morning with a very inspiring talk. He is a medical doctor and has trained and travelled pretty much all over the world and was one of the leading persons to take a more holistic approach to health care and healing. He started off by talking about the fact that duality and separation is often the underlying cause to our health problems. And that being unhappy and selfish is what leads to self-destruction.

He also went on to talk about herbal medicine was very prevalent in all countries especially America up until the early 1900’s when 3 big cartels (he wouldn’t mention who) joined forces and sent a doctor to all the states to inspect the hospitals to find out which ones were using “pure” allopathic medical ways and which ones were using herbal or alternative methods, of the 100 plus hospitals, many were closed and only 40 “pure” hospitals were left, and that was the end of “alternative” medical practice in America. So alternative and herbal medical practices have been around and used for centuries and has only very recently (in the last 100 years or so) been removed from the publics knowledge.

On the topic of death, he went on to say that a medical doctor is able to explain how a patient/person died, but why he/she died is a theological questions and not a medical one, and that is where inquiry and philosophy play a big role. Also, everything in life has a time span and that we all will need to die at some point at time, so we know that it is going to happen at some stage, so don’t worry about it!

He continued to explain that there are 4 points to happiness.

1) Keep your mind full of universal compassion

2) Be compassionate to everyone

3) Love or enjoy your work, otherwise find something else to do

4) Be like God, give, give, give and forgive, don’t be like man who gets, gets, gets and forgets!

Happiness is not a goal but a journey, so don’t think that when you get or achieve xyz you will be happy, enjoy the journey and be happy with where you are right now at this point in time. Happiness is not to increase your wants, but to decrease your needs.

On diet and food he had the following to say: Food isn’t what kills us, but negative thinking or thoughts about the foods we eat is what causes problems. He also suggested that we try to eat raw foods for the whole day 2-3 times a week, to stop when you can (we all generally eat too much and could halve out portions), don’t eat too much at one time (6 smaller meals a day is best), and don’t eat after the sun has gone down.

He had so many other interesting things to say, but he ended off by saying that we are not the children of our genes, but of our environment and surroundings. In other words, our genetic make up doesn’t play as much of a vital role in how and who we are but the stimuli and thoughts that we surround our self with does.

The morning session continued with another speaker – Shirley Telles who has been doing some great research in yoga here in India, and she will be sharing her work with me to publish on the blog next month. So keep your eyes open to find out more about the test and studies that they have undertaken and what yoga based practices can help with certain medical conditions.

The afternoon’s events were a little more… umm… well how do I say this… Entertaining, I suppose, so more on that a little later

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  1. February 19, 2012 9:10 am

    Wow Nina! Sounds like you’ve had a very interesting time!! 🙂
    …look forward to hearing more when you’re back in SA!

  2. March 2, 2012 7:17 am

    Some great advice from Prof Hedge

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