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Day 4 at the international yoga conference

February 14, 2012

So today we headed off to the S-Vyasa University somewhere outside Bangalore city and about a 2 hour drive (everything always seems like either a two hour drive or 22kms from anywhere no matter how far you go). This is a huge university and one of the top (if not the top) yoga university in India. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to learn more about yoga in a more research based way.

So the idea of heading to the university was to create an international working group with all the international and local delegates.  This is where I was meant to do my 15 minute presentation on yoga in SA to everyone, however, because the group was so big, we were limited to 2 minutes to introduce ourselves, our expertise and which of the four groups we would like to be part of – education (my choice), research, clinical, or advocacy. So after some group work and a Portuguese Swami who was there asking me if I would please contact Nelson Mandela for him so that he can promote the International Yoga Day in June, (yes all us South Africans just have Nelson on speed dial?!?!?)

So after a mildly productive day and the actual reason for my visit to India apparently, I went with Andre and Natasha to Sonali’s parents place in Bangalore for dinner. What a stunning end, with so much amazing food and hospitality to a busy busy day. It felt like being home J

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