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Life Choices: A Partnership Assisting both Learners & Counsellors

February 14, 2012

Quick Stats

SevaUnite has taught a yoga course to approximately 34 Life Choice counsellors, over 40 facilitators and 30 high school learners.


July 2011 saw the beginning of a great partnership with Life Choices, a youth development program which offers HIV counselling in impoverished communities, and conducts a life skills programs in 34 High Schools across the Cape Flats. SevaUnite began by teaching a comprehensive four week yoga course to Life Choices HIV counsellors, with the emphasis on immune boosting practices, relaxation and stress management. We then developed and taught a pilot six week yoga course at Mount View High in Hanover Park, and received very positive feedback from the participating learners, with some reporting that yoga had a positive influence on their lives and school work, improving concentration and memory. The same six week program has also been taught to Life Choices school facilitators, familiarising them with the postures their students practice. In 2012 we will continue with the yoga course rollout at Nelson Mandela High in Crossroads, and we hope to introduce the program to other high schools under the Life Choices partnership, offering training and support in yoga and stress management.


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