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Part two of day 3 at the international yoga conference

February 14, 2012

So the conference continued, today I decided to check out the “track 5” as they were meant to have talks on woman’s health, and I thought that would be very interesting as I enjoy teaching pregnancy yoga and was assuming that this topic would be covered at some point.

However… it started off with the guest speaker, who is meant to introduce the topic and next speaker within a 10 minute time frame,  being unhappy about the fact that he was only given 10 minutes and decided to make it well known to everyone… he started off by taking 10 minutes to go on about himself and his university that he opened up north and how wonderful and healthy he is, blah blah blah (nothing about woman’s health at all, just health in general). He was doing this all in a very strong and assertive manner and if I would have been at the back of the room I would have quietly snuck out, however, being near the front I was way too scared to even breathe deeply!!! Luckily at some point (20 minutes later) someone actually came up to the microphone and took it away from him as he really didn’t get the hints from the organisers to wrap it up – that was the highlight of the session! I decided to stay on, as just as I was about to leave I found out that the next speaker would be talking in pregnancy yoga and this was the point all along. Hovever that too was a little futile as she only had about 15 minutes and didn’t really cover anything “new”. During her session Mr Crazy Man came and sat next to me, to find out what I do and strongly with mild aggression suggested that I send ALL my students to his university to learn yoga… yeh right!… well then again, let me give a thought as to who I would like to send there!!! 😉

Then after all of this I was a little shaken, but nothing that some retail therapy can’t sort out… So I stocked up on some books, herbs (of all sorts and types, I don’t actually know what I am going to do with all of them!) and then proceeded to head back to the hotel as I just was not willing to sit through the valedictory ceremony and list to more official people talking. Heading to the hotel would have been a good thing if the driver would have known where out hotel was and didn’t spend an hour and a half driving around Bangalore city (instead of the 10 minutes it is meant to take). The good thing, Nicole, another new French friend was with me and we got to see the WHOLE city J

The evening ended off with Nicole, 2 Italians that I met on the plane from Dubai to Bangalore who so happened to be staying at the same hotel as us, took us out for dinner at a really snazzy restaurant… somewhere called Olive Beach, not a bad place to go check out if you’ve got the dosh and need some western food.

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