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Tuesday – day of bliss at Ayurgram

February 15, 2012

So the next day, Sonali helped me book into an Ayurvedic clinic called Ayurgram. Again it took a decent drive to get there, but when I arrived I knew that this was just the place for me J I checked into my little room, with outdoor bathroom and shower J. This is how my next two days progressed. Veggie lunch, rest, meditation, meeting with the ayurvedic doctor who gave me some tips on my doshas and what I need to look out for (apparently I am Katha/Vata and not pitta/vata as I had originally thought, so this was very enlightening to me) then off for a synchronised oil massage, rest and reading and then dinner and my first really good night’s sleep – finally!!! The next day I extended my start for an additional day and it progressed to be even better – yoga (with Mohandi, a super wonderful gentle and such a knowledgeable yoga teacher especially with regard to philosophy), then followed by another synchronised oil massage – bliss, breakfast, reading, pranayama, lunch, reading, meditation, Shirodhara (the third eye oil massage), then out of the blue,  Sonali surprised me and rocked up to stay for a night as well, so in the end I was able to share this awesome place with a friend. This really is the place to come to when you need to chill. They have great weight loss and detox programmes, so if anyone is heading to South India sometime, go check them out I would highly recommend then (just remember that I can’t compare it to anything as this is my first time here and I haven’t tried any other places) but compared to what we get back home and price wise I give it a big thumbs up! By the way, I didn’t do the detox or weight-loss programme, for that you need to book in for at least a week, I think I did the put-on, weight-gain programme as I indulged in the awesome buffet for breakfast, lunch and supper!

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