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Last Spa Day :(

February 17, 2012

So Thursday was similar to the previous day but this time I got to spend it and share all the joys of the place with a friend J After lunch Sonali’s driver took me to the Art of Living Ashram (I decided that since the headquarters are here, somewhere in Bangalore, that I would try to do my level 1 at the source place). So as usual the two hour drive to ashram was uneventful, registration process was a nightmare, it is full here so they have organised me to stay outside the ashram at another place. So I kindly asked the driver to take me to the place so that I could off load my bags… Big mistake… not only did it end up with a 4 hour drive, panic toilet stop to some strangers house and eventually a small little fender bender – shame poor driver, I think he was shaken up about the whole thing more than me!) At some stage  I got to where I was meant to be going (trust me it was kind of like starting from Tokai, driving to Durbanville, driving around Durbanville only to realise the place is not there and that in actual fact you need to head to Fish Hoek!!! Go figure….

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