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Using Yoga to Boost HIV-Positive Orphans

February 21, 2012

We have been involved with Ubuntu Africa for over two and half years, and teach over 65 children once a week.

The end of 2011 saw the reintroduction of yoga classes to the children who are part of Ubuntu Africa, a local NGO dedicated to providing healthcare and support services to HIV positive children and teens. Our partnership with them dates back to early 2009, and we are very pleased to have reignited the relationship with renewed enthusiasm and even more kids to teach! Once a week, a team of dedicated SevaUnite volunteers head into Khayelitsha township to teach a dynamic and energy filled hour yoga class with HIV-positive children from the local community. Ranging from four years of age right through to 13, approximately 65 kids love the weekly class, getting to perfect their snake hiss that accompanies the snake pose, or to count aloud as they do each of the 12 steps in one round of Salute to the Sun.


Many of the children start the class tired or seem pre-occupied, but after the class which includes a short yoga nidra and breathing session they visibly appear more invigorated and energised. Most of the postures focus on boosting the immune system, essential in assisting the bodies fight against the HIV virus.


Make a difference and get involved in community work in your area. Contact the SevaUnite Organisation or Leela:

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