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February 28, 2012

Vairagya is dispassion, desirelessness or non-attachment.

Vairagya liberates man from bondage. Vairagya is the foremost virtue.

Look into the defects of sensual life. Live in the company of saints. You will develop vairagya.

Vairagya is born of discrimination. It will help you and will be permanent. Without vairagya, not even an iota of spiritual progress is possible.


Mind is the atma-sakti (power of self). It is the dividing wall between the individual soul and the supreme soul.

Mind creates this universe. It is the principle of thinking and sensation. It is a bundle of vasanas (habit patterns), thoughts, likes and dislikes. Slay the mind through destruction of the vasanas in Brahma-vicara and attain Self-realisation.

Egoism is your arch enemy. It is born of ignorance. The real secret of divine life is only in the renunciation of this dire egoism.
The tree of egoism can be destroyed by the fire of wisdom only.


From Sivananda Daily Readings shared by the Ananda Kutir Ashrama in Cape Town |

Image: Massimiliano Sciacca

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