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How can I help? A Volunteer’s Perspective

March 3, 2012

We have a growing number of dedicated volunteers who assist wherever there is a need. Contact us, tell us how you would like to help and together we can make it happen.

“Perhaps the biggest challenge when starting out volunteering is finding somewhere and somehow to contribute. When I started to look initially for organisations to participate with I was surprised at the lack of response, perhaps because of a lack experience or skill set. The only requirement to join SevaUnite is a willingness to want to help.”


“Working with SevaUnite has been an experience to say the least, and in the last five months I have worked in a variety of institutions from schools and orphanages, to prison and have met people from many different backgrounds and circumstances. Since starting I feel more aware of all the different communities living in Cape Town that I normally would not be in contact with. The scope to help is limitless, with so many opportunities to connect with people in different places.


Perhaps most striking has been at Pollsmoor Prison where inmates have one hour a day out of their cells and some choose to come to a Yoga class. Rarely have I encountered such a focused committed group of practitioners. Personally I have grown so much from these experiences and gained better insights of myself and others which otherwise may not have been possible. Changing the way we experience others and how others experience themselves is what makes volunteering so rewarding.”

– Chris, SevaUnite Volunteer.


Make a difference and get involved in community work in your area. Contact the SevaUnite Organisation or Leela:

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