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Astrologically Sound: Big Cleaning Sunday & why it feels like Mercury Rx is already here

March 5, 2012

Last Sunday at 5pm I hit the happy music and got busy, not so much in the interests of having a clean kitchen but pleased at the chance to test the reliability of electing a good day to clean.

It started well enough – the sky didn’t fall in. In fact, I was motivated and cheerful, but in the back of my mind was the question: “What if this is just the effect of having set a time and knuckled down, rather than the predictive capacity of astrology?” (Not that I would quibble too much if that was the case. Any form of time-management that helps me get on top of life – rather than being pressed under its thumb – gets my approval.)

Time passed agreeably enough until I got into the flow and lost all track of it. When I came to my senses, it was 9pm and I had started cooking for the week ahead.

That was when I knew that electional astrology works. Because cooking and I have a long-distance relationship, and we are both happy to keep it like that. My friend Mpho, who is sweetness itself, summed it up perfectly one Sunday morning long ago. Coming through my front door and detecting a lingering burnt-rice smell, she simultaneously askedand observed: “You had supper guests last night?”

For Margie the Woolworths queen to have found her kitchen groove and to have turned on the gas at a time when she long before could have thrown in the tea towel was one more piece of proof that the theory of electional astrology does translate into practice.

That’s all very well, I can hear sceptics say, but there’s the small problem that she started out cleaning and ended up cooking. Fact is, the dates and times I selected as good for cleaning (astro-bulletin 5) are in most cases also good for other household activities, like cooking and gardening.

That’s something to be aware of. Most of us are prone to displacement activity – and how attractive those clay pots or cooking pots may seem, especially when they are also “astrologically strong”. All we can ask is that we are mindful of what’s going on in our heads, and that we try to make a conscious choice. It’s important to be flexible. What started out as an experiment-cum-duty ended up in my discovering a seldom-seen part of me.

If it seems as if Mercury retrograde (Rx) has arrived early, that’s because Mercury is weak at the moment and has been since February 15. The same effects will be felt as in a Mercury Rx period (astro-bulletin 3). The weakness will hang around like the smell of burnt rice until April 17.

Wishing you timely discoveries



Margie King is a writer and student astrologer. She is studying with Rod Suskin and hopes to have her diploma at the end of this year, which will allow her to practise professionally. In the meantime she emails a free astrological bulletin every second Monday to anyone who’s interested. It’s short. It’s useful. It’s easy to read. To receive an astro-bulletin, contact Margie on or call her on 084-285-1552.

Image: Abbey Smith, Vietnam, Dalat

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