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Living Vibrantly at Long Valley

March 5, 2012

Long Valley Farm is a 93 Hectare property in a tucked-away valley at the feet of the majestic Arangieskop, the tallest mountain (~1700m), fondly and glowingly named ‘Mount Everest of the Western Cape’, in the Langeberg range, which divides the Karoo from the Overberg / W. Cape climatic zone. The property adjoins the Dassieshoek Nature Reserve of which Arangieskop is a part.

—The farm is at a slight elevation from Robertson and has a micro climate of its own. When it is stifling in town, Long Valley is refreshed by a little breeze and we have more rain – even sometimes during summer – than Robertson! Just a few kilometres North of town, Long Valley is safely secluded off the road to Dassieshoek Nature Reserve. One passes through the neighbors’ jersey dairy farm. Presently, the Permaculture gardens are  being established and fruit and nut trees planted. The farm has terraced slopes that lend themselves to organic cultivation and food forests with a small existing selection of figs, grapes, citrus and peaches. Four cows and 3 horses contribute with necessary manure and the 3 chickens work as chicken tractors.  Wonderful waterfalls and swimming a 10 minute walk away .

“Places where you, and I, and all the people out there looking for something like eco villages, even if we don’t know it yet, can practice that way of life most of our species yearns for on a deep level — sustainable living in human-scale community. This idea inspires me profoundly. I hope it inspires you too.”

Robert Gilman, Eco Villages

We welcome passionate, highly motivated , self-supporting individuals to push forward the envisioned sustainability in a focused space of time. Come live on the land and let us build the future together. Enliven the synergy of the team with your special contribution!

Long Valley envisions  environmentally friendly housing, white, gray and black water management, off-the-grid energy sources, food gardens, a centre for education, yoga and healing, guest accommodation and added value home industries.

Long Valley is a budding  eco village community honoring respect, inclusivity,  synergy,  working and celebrating together.  We are at the fundamental pioneering stage and warmly invite you!

SUSTAINABLE  means: Independent, off the grid, able to sustain itself, create food security, build health and wealth, a paradigm of responsible people bringing their talents to creating a lifestyle of respect for the earth and each other.

‘I see this as a project for generations, and if I can be a small part of putting something in motion, in a process that will serve future generations, as well as my own consciousness now, then I am truly happy and excited by the prospect. ‘ Har Bhajan

If an ecological lifestyle respectful of nature appeals to you, why not write to us.

Include a little about yourself, such as your dream and what you expect to do, share and learn. We look forward to speaking with you! As well, we invite you to come visit and spend a little time with us and on the land!  Send Har Bhajan Khalsa a Facebook friend request to read more or write to,, or

* this venue can also be booked for yoga retreats

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  1. Alan RUsch permalink
    August 4, 2012 5:49 pm

    Hi, Judy and and Trevor Stafford are sitting in mya lounge. We have just had dinner and talking about old times and family. Your place looks amazing, would love to visit sometime. Alan and Mary Rusch

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