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Permaculture – an introduction

March 7, 2012

Yoga is a central component of a holistic and conscious lifestyle that many practitioners manifest to awaken and sustain consciousness in the living moment. In the moment we realise our purpose as a species, which is custodianship or stewardship of the earth and all that is a part of it.

That means a complete surrender to Divine will towards that end. We cannot possibly act as good custodians or stewards to the planetary whole if we ourselves are not living examples of our designated intrinsic role within the planetary ecosystem. In yogic terms we could call this Sattvik Living, a way of being that is holistic, transformative and in harmony with all of existence.

The practice of Asanas brings about a central unity of being within ourselves, an integration of mind, body and spirit that is supported by a sattvik diet, right thought, conduct and selfless service or a bhakti yoga to the higher principle of Love and the Oneness of Being. Most people find this virtually impossible to achieve in the holistic sense due to western lifestyle dictates such as the 9 to 5, the consumer driven lifestyle patterns that surround us, which many unconsciously practice because it is the only reality they know. This pattern is constantly reinforced by the mechanisms of advertising, media, peer behaviour and ingrained poor lifestyle habits that we are attached to. One cannot live Sattvik within the current culture of market capital and a transition beyond is essentia.

To practice yoga and conscientise oneself means recognising our human nature is inseparable from the whole Being, all of life. As we awaken through consistent practice we begin to feel the disharmony and collapse of the planetary life support system around us, we realise that the only thing we can ethically do is begin to live a life that is the very change the planet needs, a life that symbolises the post-consumer civilisation or culture. This life pattern has to be uncompromisingly ecosystemic if we are to have any hope of living in harmony with natural ecosystems. Our lifestyle patterns must replicate natural patterns so there can be integration. To shift our lives into eco-systemic patterns we need to redesign or design our lives along ecosystemic principles. Someone once said, “How do you predict the future? You design it”

There is a perfect and seamless design to the universe that is based on a pattern that is holographic, (the whole is reflected in all its parts), guided by a universal set of principles, (ecosystemic principles), that can be distilled and applied to designing human ecosystems that mirror natural ecosystems in form and function. The mirroring of natural ecosystems into social design enables human ecosystems to blend into and become one with rather than destroying the planetary ecosystem. The design of human ecosystems that incorporate all aspects of the human endeavour into one seamless self-regulating whole is known as permaculture.

Through applying permaculture design principles to our lives we can transition into a lifestyle that is an accurate reflection of our essential nature as the pinnacle of evolution and brings with it all the elements of right livelihood and planetary stewardship. This series of articles will explore permaculture as a way of living sattvic and provide practical guidance on how to begin the transition into ecosystemic existence with regards to your current situation.


Article by Tahir

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