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The Great Inspiration: Rikhiapeeth Ashram

March 13, 2012

A personal experience 

Every now and again, I like throwing my life into disarray. Somehow the unstructured, unknowingness of it all keeps me interested. So when life got too routine and boring, it seemed to make perfect sense to turn it all inside out and head to Rikhia ashram. I had never been to India before, and I never really knew what an ashram was. And now, after having lived there for a considerable amount of time, and then returning again 10 months later, I’m still not sure how to articulate what it is all about or what it all means.

What I do know is that my need to help those who need it the most seems to dictate a lot of the decisions I make or the things I get involved in these days. Being in a place that is entirely dedicated to serving the impoverished was on many levels right up my alley. The ashram gave me the opportunity to experience the true meaning of Seva and thereby learn about myself through serving. I think to serve is part of man’s human nature. We inherently have a desire to be of use to others, to have purpose for others. To truly serve and to give of yourself is to acknowledge your true nature. In serving day in and day out in the ashram, doing whatever job needed to get done, I began to see a shift in my thinking and many aspects of myself started to be challenged. I felt a shift from my head towards my heart, finding it less necessary to explain, analyze or quantify, and more important just to feel and to do, connecting with every human being that crossed my path in the time that I was there.

Being in the ashram is an individual journey where you increasingly learn to consider others and their needs in the context of your own, to recognize what you can give, and to give it. With this in mind SevaUnite was founded, and with the guiding inspiration of the Rikhiapeeth ashram, we at SevaUnite hope to continue to serve, love and give.

To get involved in community work in your area contact the SevaUnite Organisation who do amazing work! or contact Leela:
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